Angel Therapy


Caroline provides a safe, healing space to encourage you to relax, unwind and awaken an inner sense of calm and peace.

Together with the healing energy of Reiki Caroline’s empathic, open, non-judgmental positive approach allows you the space to explore your inner self to find resolution, heal emotional pain  and bring a new harmony, a new balanced you.

Through her energy skills, intuition and life coaching techniques Caroline can support you to resolve issues, release old patterns of behaviour and explore your dreams to find a clear path to making these a reality.


With over 17 years experience in the field of healing therapy Caroline creates a safe space where she channels an empowering, life transforming, positive, healing energy to you.

Trained as an Reiki & Seichem Master Teacher and founder of the new ‘Earth Light Reiki’ Caroline channels powerful, enlightening energies for you to receive through a Private Energy Therapy Session.

These treatments are designed to relax and support you physically and emotionally creating balance, confidence and a clearer, happier sense of self and the world around you.

Using her life coaching and counselling skills Caroline provides a safe space for you to share your inner world and any worries or anxieties you may be experiencing, to allow a deeply powerful release/transformation as the healing energy uplifts, shifts and clears these patterns of disharmony from within.

The unique healing energy that Caroline channels can relax yet energise you, cleansing you emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically. These treatments can ease issues such as headaches, tiredness, joint aches, PMS, IBS, anxiety, tension and depression as well as support treatment for deeper physical ailments and emotional issues.  It encourages the body to heal itself by bringing one back into balance on an inner level.

Reiki can help reduce stress, ease anxiety and depression. It can help with managing chronic conditions aid better sleep and ease aches and pains.  Having Reiki energy treatments helps heal the body, helping to clear the anaesthetic and speeding up the healing process post surgery too.  For cancer sufferers the Reiki energy can help to ease pain and reduce the symptoms from radiotherapy and chemotherapy as well as provide emotional support too.

Caroline also provides training in the art of channelling healing energy, allowing you the space to explore your own inner healing abilities.

Email Caroline at to arrange a free 15 minute telephone consultation  to decide which therapy sessions could be beneficial to you.



Let Caroline guide you on a journey of awakening! Using her intuitively powerful energy skills she will focus into all aspects, areas, cells of your body to release, dissolve and empower your very being into its most ‘highest potential’.  This 90 minute healing experience can be transformative as she breaks through old concepts of conditioned behaviour, clears karmic patterning through your genetic cellular memory and empowers the creator energy from within.



A one to one healing session where you can relax whilst Caroline channels her blend of healing energies to encourage deep cleansing and a new balanced harmony from within you. Caroline channels the healing energy through your body to release and cleanse old karmic patterning and raise you to your highest potential.  A gentle yet powerful experience that clears blockages and encourages a free flow of energy.




With all the benefits of a private session yet no travel involved.

You simply relax in the comfort of your own home whilst Caroline channels this deeply powerful healing energy, guiding you in English and the various languages of light and sound to receive cleansing, awakening, enlightening energy – your own personal healing meditation session.




Receiving a distant healing can be a very powerful way of gaining divine healing support quickly and effectively without leaving your home or needing to dedicate the time to attend a session.

Distant healing can be sent to adults, children (with their parents/carers consent), animals, businesses, anything that you feel needs some support and positive energy.

A distant healing session is arranged with Caroline, she will agree a date and time for your session, payment is made through paypal and at the agreed time it is recommended that you are in a quiet space to receive the healing.  Caroline then connects with you energetically and channels a divine healing to you.

Caroline aims to arrange distant healing sessions later in the evening, wherever you are in the World, so that you are able to fall asleep and process the healing energy during the night.

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‘Mum to Be’ Healing Treatments aid fertility and support the journey from conception to delivery of your newborn baby.

Caroline also offers Reiki training for pregnant mums and their birthing partners to support them during pregnancy, labour and those early days and months after baby has arrived.

Postnatal healing supports Mum through the early weeks and months providing a caring, calm space for you to rest, relax and heal. Rebalancing your hormones, harmonise your body, recharge your energy and aid your physical body in its recovery.

Aromatherapy massage and Pregnancy massage with essential oils – combining the healing energies, essential oils and massage techniques to give a powerful healing experience.



Surrounded in a safe, healing space Caroline provides you with nurturing support and the healing energy to aid fertility and support you during your pregnancy.

Unborn babies seem to LOVE Reiki and will often follow the practitioner’s hands around during the treatment. Reiki can also ease any physical or emotional tension, like anxiety and tiredness that the mother may be experiencing during the pregnancy. Reiki can help her feel relaxed, more positive, more connected and in touch with her baby.

These healing treatments can support IVF and other conventional treatments.



An incredibly special experience, you will receive a Reiki One attunement which means you can give Reiki to yourself and your unborn baby, helping you both to prepare for labour.  Whilst in labour you will be able to connect with the energy which will help you to focus, energise and aid the natural process of childbirth, relaxing both you and baby.

If you are having a birthing partner to support you during labour then it would be a fantastic support to you for your birthing partner to be able to channel Reiki to you whilst you are in labour and help to ease discomfort and help focus you too.



 The early weeks and months following the birth of your precious baby can be a tough time for Mums.  The body is recovering from giving birth, hormones are surging and Mum is having to cope with the pressures and demands that a new baby brings.

Caroline provides a caring, calm space for you to rest, relax and heal.  Allowing time for you to unwind, explore any fears or anxieties and receive a powerful healing experience to rebalance your hormones, harmonise your body, recharge your energy and aid your physical body in its recovery.

Allowing aches and pains to drift away, calming anxieties about bonding with baby, caring for baby and balancing the family energetically.

If you wish you may bring your baby to these sessions or alternatively allow yourself some ‘me’ space to take a moment for yourself.


Pregnancy Massage can reduce anxiety, decrease symptoms of depression, relieve muscle aches and joint pains, improve labour outcomes and newborn health.  Combined with the essential oils of Aromatherapy Caroline personalises each massage to give you a relaxing, healing and energising experience.

Pregnancy massage with essential oils can help balance hormone levels leading to mood regulation and improved cardiovascular health. These changes in hormone levels also lead to fewer complications during birth and fewer instances of newborn complications, such as low birth weight.

Caroline can also provide personalised essential oil blends for you to enjoy during your pregnancy as well as blends personalised for a birthing partner to gentle rub on aching muscles to ease discomfort during labour too.

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Caroline has been teaching Reiki and other healing modalities for many years.  She brings a clarity to her teaching to empower and inspire students to explore their own natural healing abilities.

Her online courses and transmissions are a divinely guided and her channelled work has transformed lives across the globe.

Caroline now has guided meditation albums available on all major webplayers (iTunes etc.) under the label Ascending Angels.

Please sign up to her newsletter to hear about her latest creations.


Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is one of the oldest forms of healing known to mankind. It is universal life force energy and available to everyone irrespective of religion or spiritual beliefs.

Reiki Healing is the laying of hands and the channelling of universal life force energy from the practitioner to the client to create a positive flow of energy throughout the clients body, spirit and mind, clearing blockages and areas of density. The practitioner may lay their hands on the clients body or in the electric field around their body called their aura.

Reiki can help reduce stress, ease anxiety and depression. It can help with managing chronic conditions aid better sleep and ease aches and pains.  Having Reiki energy treatments helps heal the body, helping to clear the anaesthetic and speeding up the healing process post surgery too.  For cancer sufferers the Reiki energy can help to ease pain and reduce the symptoms from radiotherapy and chemotherapy as well as provide emotional support too.

Reiki is taught in three levels or degrees, each one strengthening the connection with the ‘Universal Life Energy’ and gives the practitioner more knowledge and ability.  With each level, instruction is given on how to work with the Reiki healing energy, the student also receives an attunement or initiation, this is where the teacher directs energy into the students body to awaken or reconnect the healing energy from the universe into their body, giving them the ability to channel and connect with this energy at any time.

Blessed through the lineage of the Ascended Masters we are delighted to share with you this new energy of Reiki.  It is described as Earth Light as it recognises and honours both our physical or Earthly self and also our spiritual or Light self, combining the two as one and integrating these completely.

Earth Light Reiki is a journey to our Earth core or heart in which we step through energetically and awaken our Earth Light energy to encourage our own unique healing/channelling ability to awaken.  It is a deeply powerful experience and can create some quite dramatic shifts of consciousness – Earth Light Reiki not only brings a new quality of balance to your life and harmony with Earth it also guides you to explore your own inner master, inner teacher, inner therapist and empower your own life accordingly.

Channelled to Caroline with the love-light of the Ascended Masters who, with an attunement, open a gateway through the core heart of Gaia, our Earth, to awaken our natural knowledge of Earths healing energy that we call Reiki.

Earth Light Reiki opens you to the entire energy field of Reiki, so that you may channel the energy, sound, language, all aspects of Reiki enhancing your own beautiful natural healing abilities, raising you to your highest potential as a Reiki/Energy Therapist.



Earth Light Reiki One

On this Reiki Beginner’s Course you will be attuned to the Universal Healing Energy of Reiki and healing will be activated in your hands.

An Earth Light Reiki One workshop is a wonderful opportunity to experience and learn the basics of the new energy of Reiki.

Fantastic for beginners this workshop explores your own unique healing gifts in a safe, encouraging space so that you’ll be able to channel this empowering healing light to yourself, friends and family.


Earth Light Reiki Two

Continuing the learning and growth following the Earth Light Reiki One. Expanding your techniques, exploring the sound and language of Reiki in a healing environment to develop your own unique abilities even further.

This workshop enhances your Reiki ability, exploring the language of Reiki and Reiki sound vibration together with a deeper understanding of using the Reiki energy for healing as a therapist in person as well as distantly.

This Reiki workshop comes in 2 parts, you will receive a certificate of attendance following the workshop yet there will be some case studies and assignments to complete and a following 1 hour one-to-one session to receive your Reiki Practitioners certificate after which you can channel the healing energy of Reiki as a therapist (professional insurance required).


Earth Light Reiki Masters Course – 2 day workshop

These workshops will attune you to the new light codes of Reiki, which has far outgrown the codes originally given and used by many practitioners today. These new light codes will awaken knowledge of the earth’s light energy, open new inner pathways to facilitate understanding and speaking the language and singing the sound of Reiki in its fullest capacity thus enabling greater transformation and healing possibilities, both for yourself and those you help.

The first workshop (day one) will facilitate the awakening of light codes and light sound from within. Integrating 7 attunements of Reiki.

Suitable for those who have completed any variety of Reiki I & II (Earth Light Reiki recommended).

The second workshop (day two),  assists in the full integration and understanding of the Light Codes of Reiki, completing the energetic transmission and awakening the knowledge of how to facilitate or teach Reiki to others.

Suitable only for those who have completed the Earth Light Reiki Day One course to complete the Master/Teacher training.


Earth Light Reiki Healing Meditation


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Caroline has a natural gift for channelling healing energy.  Trained in counselling and qualified as a Life Coach she brings her counselling skills into her therapy sessions for a complete healing experience.

She has also trained in Aromatherapy and Pregnancy massage and combines her energy therapy skills to complement these treatments.

Caroline has a natural gift for channelling healing energy. In 1999 she has trained as an Usui Reiki Master and a Tera Mai Reiki and Seichem Master.

 She formed Ascending Angels,, in 2005 with Donna Swan with the guidance to share new healing energy attunements with others, together they have led workshops in cities such as London, Madrid and New York. During this time they took centre stage at many Mind Body Soul/Spirit events in London to lead energy healing meditations for 100s of attendees.

In 2010 Caroline received guidance for the new vibration of Earth Light Reiki, she has developed this healing vibration in partnership with Donna Swan of Ascending Angels.

Together with Donna Swan she created the ‘Reiki Babies’ courses in 2011 to help Mums, Dads, Carers and their babies to bring the energy of Reiki to aid and support families.

Caroline has worked with Damian Nola otherwise known as Shekinah Melchizedek and Liz Bylett facilitating a variety of meditation transmissions, workshops and experiences, she has also been found leading Energy Sessions and meditations with the London College of Spirituality.

Studying at the University of Kent, Canterbury Caroline has completed her Certificate in Counselling. These skills have aided her ability in providing her clients with a complete holistic healing experience.

Caroline qualified as a Life Coach in 2015 and strives to continue learning and enhancing her skills to give her clients the highest quality of care.

Caroline has also trained as an Aromatherapist and Pregnancy Massage Therapist, using these skills to enhance her holistic healing therapies.  Caroline has created a therapy space in which she can provide a selection of life enhancing treatments, coaching and training.

Caroline lives with her husband and three children, she now sees clients for a variety of Energy Therapy Sessions, Treatments and Workshops at her Therapy Room in Gillingham, Kent.

Caroline also provide distant healings and telephone/skype appointments.  She regularly channels new meditation transmissions and online courses, for up to date information please subscribe to her newsletters or follow her on Facebook.

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Our exciting new course...


Uniquely designed to enhance your natural bond with your baby.


Connecting with your baby in a very special way.  Reiki Babies offers weekly group sessions aimed at supporting you as you bond with your baby.


Commencing with a Reiki attunement so that you can channel this ancient healing technique to your baby as well as to yourself, the follow sessions focus on building trust in your own intuition, helpful techniques on using the Reiki energy to settle, relax and nurture baby as well as how you can help you through those early, exhausting weeks.
Benefits are:-

  • Deeply bonding

  • Increases intuition

  • Builds confidence in your natural parenting skills

  • Relaxing and soothing

  • Affirming

  • Joyful


Reiki Babies is run throughout the year, during term time.

The next Reiki Babies will commence on Wednesday 19 April 2017 for 6 weekly sessions at 10am in Rainham, near Gillingham, Kent.  This course is for Mums/Dads/Carers and 0-6 month old babies.


Each session is for one hour, we recommend you bring a blanket for baby to lie on.


Prices are £25 for the initial session followed by £10 per session.  You may commence at any time and join the group – there is a maximum of 6 attendees per session so it is essential you book/pay in advance.  For more information and to book your space please email


More information…

Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is a simple, practical ‘hands on’ healing technique that anyone can learn and use. It’s safe, non-invasive and can soothe physical aches and pains, lift depression, dissolve stress and bring a lasting sense of peace and relaxation. It stimulates the body’s own healing process, boosting the immune system by going straight to the source of any problem in a completely natural and nourishing way, without the need for diagnosis or interference.

Unborn babies seem to LOVE Reiki and will often follow the practitioner’s hands around during the treatment. Reiki can also ease any physical or emotional tension, like anxiety and tiredness that the mother may be experiencing during the pregnancy. Reiki can help her feel relaxed, more positive, more connected and in touch with her baby.

Fathers too can connect with their baby with Reiki.  By giving the Mother a healing treatment they are supporting her with healing energy to relieve her aches, tiredness and anxieties as well as enhancing their bond with each other and their unborn child.

Reiki is a fantastic tool for coping with childbirth.  The healing energy can help relieve the discomfort of contractions, helping the Mother to release tension and fear and open her up physically and emotionally and support her in her ability to focus on the birthing process.

Being pregnant, having a baby and becoming a mother is a life-changing experience.  Bonding with your baby is not always easy.  Your body has experienced massive changes, your hormones are unbalanced and you are coping with sleep deprivation, possibly trying to breast feed your baby and recover from childbirth.  If this is your first child you could feel in a state of shock, unsure of your parenting skills and whether you are providing your baby with everything she needs.  With a variety of mixed guidance and support you may feel more confused than ever and unsure of what is best for you and your baby.

By connecting with the Reiki energy you will find it easier to pick up on your own intuition, hearing the right, supportive messages and ease yourself and your baby too.

Reiki is a fantastic tool for helping your baby to settle and sleep well; it aids colic, reflux and teething as well as many other ailments and improves your bond with your baby, so you can intuitively know what he needs and when.

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‘I got your mailer and was moved to send you a quick note to let you know what happened with me. If you recall I had quite a bit of stuck energy and was sabotaging myself and undermining my own efforts to make some big changes. Well my meeting with you clearly did help because not only have I trained for and passed my accreditation to be a Specialist Nutritional Consultant, I have resigned my London role and will be leaving that job at the end of May to start a new life working in this new and far more rewarding role.

Now I’m full of focus and energy and commitment to get myself ready for my new life!
Thanks again for your help and assistance.’
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“Thank you so much for the fantastic session today. I knew something felt wrong but I couldn’t put my finger on it or why I was feeling so low. Every session is always needed, when I talk I know you’re listening and that you really hear me and that makes me feel valued and important again. That time on the treatment couch when your flowing the energy out of your hands is always amazing, I seem to drift off as my body unwinds and recharges. No matter how stressed I am when I come into the room you manage to release it and I always leave feeling ready to face the world again. I am telling everyone about you. Bless you Caroline, you are worth the 50 minute drive and you are worth every penny. I thank the day I found you. Thank you.”

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“Caroline exudes a calm and tranquillity which immediately put me at ease both before, during and most importantly after the healing session. Each session started with an opportunity for me to speak with Caroline about the issue which I felt should receive attention, followed by a healing session on the couch. The time spent with Caroline was invaluable as she not only succeeded in drawing out the crux of the matter, but pin pointed areas which required work and highlighted emotional ties that could be released. Feeling the warmth and love that Caroline channels has provided me with greater spiritual support than I have ever experienced.”

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Ascension Healing Meditation with Attunement

I’m so excited to be sharing these meditations with you.

This is the first meditation for the Ascended Master – Ascension Healing Course.  It is channelled from Lord Kumika and contains an attunement to connect you with his ascension healing energy.

Our advice is that you listen to the meditation daily for at least 7 days, if you can follow it daily for 21 days you’ll really get the best benefits from it.

If you enjoy this meditation, the following meditations are available to purchase from all major webplayers under our label Ascending Angels.

Thank you.

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Reiki Mums

Sometimes in order to get what we want we have to create it!

I would love a place to connect with other mums, to feel safe enough to share my worries and not feel alone with the constant nagging insecurities around being a ‘good enough’ mum.  Also to feel the love and support that only mums can bring, to feel like I am ‘good enough’ and to recognise that we can’t be perfect, never, not at any time and yet we are perfect for our children, always!


Here it is ‘Reiki Mums‘!

Courses for Mums with kids of any age (please don’t bring them).

Please click here to read all about this fantastic new course!

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