Angel Therapy

Caroline provides a safe, healing space to encourage you to relax, unwind and awaken an inner sense of calm and peace.

Together with the healing energy of Reiki Caroline’s empathic, open, non-judgmental positive approach allows you the space to explore your inner self to find resolution, heal emotional pain  and bring a new harmony, a new balanced you.

Through her energy skills, intuition and life coaching techniques Caroline can support you to resolve issues, release old patterns of behaviour and explore your dreams to find a clear path to making these a reality.


With over 17 years experience in the field of healing therapy Caroline creates a safe space where she channels an empowering, life transforming, positive, healing energy to you.

Trained as an Reiki & Seichem Master Teacher and founder of the new ‘Earth Light Reiki’ Caroline channels powerful, enlightening energies for you to receive through a Private Energy Therapy Session.

These treatments are designed to relax and support you physically and emotionally creating balance, confidence and a clearer, happier sense of self and the world around you.

Using her life coaching and counselling skills Caroline provides a safe space for you to share your inner world and any worries or anxieties you may be experiencing, to allow a deeply powerful release/transformation as the healing energy uplifts, shifts and clears these patterns of disharmony from within.

The unique healing energy that Caroline channels can relax yet energise you, cleansing you emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically. These treatments can ease issues such as headaches, tiredness, joint aches, PMS, IBS, anxiety, tension and depression as well as support treatment for deeper physical ailments and emotional issues.  It encourages the body to heal itself by bringing one back into balance on an inner level.

Reiki can help reduce stress, ease anxiety and depression. It can help with managing chronic conditions aid better sleep and ease aches and pains.  Having Reiki energy treatments helps heal the body, helping to clear the anaesthetic and speeding up the healing process post surgery too.  For cancer sufferers the Reiki energy can help to ease pain and reduce the symptoms from radiotherapy and chemotherapy as well as provide emotional support too.

Caroline also provides training in the art of channelling healing energy, allowing you the space to explore your own inner healing abilities.

Email Caroline at to arrange a free 15 minute telephone consultation  to decide which therapy sessions could be beneficial to you.




A one to one healing session where you can relax whilst Caroline channels her blend of healing energies to encourage deep cleansing and a new balanced harmony from within you. Caroline channels the healing energy through your body to release and cleanse old karmic patterning and raise you to your highest potential.  A gentle yet powerful experience that clears blockages and encourages a free flow of energy.




With all the benefits of a private session yet no travel involved.

You simply relax in the comfort of your own home whilst Caroline channels this deeply powerful healing energy, guiding you in English and the various languages of light and sound to receive cleansing, awakening, enlightening energy – your own personal healing meditation session.




Receiving a distant healing can be a very powerful way of gaining divine healing support quickly and effectively without leaving your home or needing to dedicate the time to attend a session.

Distant healing can be sent to adults, children (with their parents/carers consent), animals, businesses, anything that you feel needs some support and positive energy.

A distant healing session is arranged with Caroline, she will agree a date and time for your session, payment is made through paypal and at the agreed time it is recommended that you are in a quiet space to receive the healing.  Caroline then connects with you energetically and channels a divine healing to you.

Caroline aims to arrange distant healing sessions later in the evening, wherever you are in the World, so that you are able to fall asleep and process the healing energy during the night.

The Conscious Love Experience

Hey there,

I am delighted to be sharing with you this fabulous guided meditation.  I recorded it some years ago and I have found recently, whilst working with clients, that it is still a super tool in self love, acceptance and letting go of relationships that have been causing trauma in our lives.

I really hope you enjoy this meditation and welcome your feedback.

With love, Caroline

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Healing Meditation

It has been over 2 years now since my Dad passed away.  He was not a spiritual man and although he always supported me in everything that I do he found much of the energy work challenging to understand, yet when he was told that his cancer was terminal he reached out to me and asked for help.


I recorded this meditation which I am now sharing with you for him, he listened to it daily and found that it gave him the much needed strength to continue his fight, it helped him to find an inner peace and also energised him too.  This, together with weekly Reiki healing sessions, kept him more mentally alert, more balanced and calm.


In his memory I now share this meditation with you, please do share it with anyone whom you feel would benefit from a gentle healing experience.  With my love, Caroline

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