Angel Therapy

 Available to download on iTunes, Amazon, GooglePlay and all major web players.


These healing meditations from the Angels and Ascended Masters can be very powerful and aid you in balancing your energy body to harmonise and empower your life journey.


I highly recommend you using headphones for the best quality and for listening to these meditations again and again.  Listen to your chosen meditation daily for 7 days can enhance the healing experience.


Included in this Album are the following guided meditations with attunements…


Angelic-Light Energy Transmission Meditation

Channelling the energies of the Angelic Realm, this transmissional meditation will connect and awaken you to your ‘Angelic Light Body’.

Suitable for all, especially therapists who wish to incorporate Angelic Light healing with their current healing energy.

This meditation can be listened to day or night for a deep cleansing experience.


Ascension Chamber Healing Meditation

This healing experience guides you on a journey with the Ascended Masters to an Ascension Chamber – a divine energy portal that are located at intense energy sites around the Earth, such as Mount Shastna, Machu Picchu, Stonehenge, the Great Pyramid, Uluru, etc. Once in an Ascension Chamber the Ascended Masters will access your body’s matrix, DNA, RNA, geometrical spheres, chakras as well as your genetic and stellar patterning/coding to create an opportunity to cleanse core patterns/wounds and raise you to your highest potential.

Suitable for all this meditation can be used many times to aid balance and re-energise you.


White Sapphire Transmission Meditation

This, the White Sapphire Flame meditation, is channelled and guided by St Germain and Archangel Metatron.  Its purpose is to cleanse from your being all karmic patterning that is held within your genetic memory, patterns of behaviour that can dominate your life journey.

If you have ever said the words ‘why does this always happen to me?’ then this is the meditation for you.

With the intention of releasing or dissolving all karmic patterning you will thusly clear these whilst in the powerful flame of white sapphire.  This meditation can be repeated when new karmic patterning is raised into your conscious form or when you feel you are experiencing a new vibration of karmic patterns carried forth through your ancestral lineage.

A beautiful gift from the Beloved Archangel Metatron and Ascended Master St Germain who transmute the violet flame to white sapphire in order to cleanse our karmic patterning, to raise our vibration to a new enlightened, clear life experience.


Stellar Light Masters Healing Transmission Meditation

Join the Stellar Light Masters for a deep healing experience as they guide you through an experience of birthing through the cosmic centre of a new born star, connecting you with the Stellar Light Masters who will then take you on a journey of cleansing for the following 7 days.

See the beauty within, feel the love that is created through the heart as old patterns of illusionary wounds are stripped from thy form and thy inner pure soul given the energy to expand and flower into all aspects of thy being.  Breathe and become the light, feel the light and allow the Stellar Light Masters to let thy inner light unfold and encompass thy entire life being and journey.

Breathe and allow as these Divine Beings envelope thee in their loving arms as they take thee on a journey of enlightenment and awakening. Be the beautiful divine one that you already are, liberate thy soul and experience the joy of the compassionate heart.

The meditation can be listened to at any time, following this meditation waves of energy will continue to flowing to/through you throughout the day, it is a day to be gentle with yourself.



The Conscious Love Experience

Hey there,

I am delighted to be sharing with you this fabulous guided meditation.  I recorded it some years ago and I have found recently, whilst working with clients, that it is still a super tool in self love, acceptance and letting go of relationships that have been causing trauma in our lives.

I really hope you enjoy this meditation and welcome your feedback.

With love, Caroline

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Healing Meditation

It has been over 2 years now since my Dad passed away.  He was not a spiritual man and although he always supported me in everything that I do he found much of the energy work challenging to understand, yet when he was told that his cancer was terminal he reached out to me and asked for help.


I recorded this meditation which I am now sharing with you for him, he listened to it daily and found that it gave him the much needed strength to continue his fight, it helped him to find an inner peace and also energised him too.  This, together with weekly Reiki healing sessions, kept him more mentally alert, more balanced and calm.


In his memory I now share this meditation with you, please do share it with anyone whom you feel would benefit from a gentle healing experience.  With my love, Caroline

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