Angel Therapy


Uniquely designed to enhance your natural bond with your baby.


Connecting with your baby in a very special way.  Reiki Babies offers weekly group sessions aimed at supporting you as you bond with your baby.


Commencing with a Reiki attunement so that you can channel this ancient healing technique to your baby as well as to yourself, the follow sessions focus on building trust in your own intuition, helpful techniques on using the Reiki energy to settle, relax and nurture baby as well as how you can help you through those early, exhausting weeks.
Benefits are:-

  • Deeply bonding

  • Increases intuition

  • Builds confidence in your natural parenting skills

  • Relaxing and soothing

  • Affirming

  • Joyful


Reiki Babies is run throughout the year, during term time.

Daytime course – Commencing on Thursday 15 June 2017 at 1pm for 5 weekly sessions on each Thursday, completing on Thursday 13 July 2017.

The initial session is 90 minutes long with each following session one hour long, we recommend you bring a blanket for baby to lie on. Tea/coffee/water is available for you.

*EARLY BIRD BOOKING OFFER* Only £85 for the full 5 week course! (standard price is £120 for the group course) email to book your space!

A non-refundable deposit of £25 is required to book your space, with the balance due for payment at the first session (payment plans can be arranged on request).  If you require a concession please email

There will be a limit of 6 spaces on each course and a closed Facebook group will be set up so that you’re able to connect with each other and Caroline during the week for ongoing support.

The first session will include a Reiki One attunement together with a manual, certificate and some information on how to use the energy. The following sessions will focus on exploring the energy, how to use it for yourself and your baby as well as time for your to receive some lovely healing too.

For more information please visit our dedicated website


The Conscious Love Experience

Hey there,

I am delighted to be sharing with you this fabulous guided meditation.  I recorded it some years ago and I have found recently, whilst working with clients, that it is still a super tool in self love, acceptance and letting go of relationships that have been causing trauma in our lives.

I really hope you enjoy this meditation and welcome your feedback.

With love, Caroline

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Healing Meditation

It has been over 2 years now since my Dad passed away.  He was not a spiritual man and although he always supported me in everything that I do he found much of the energy work challenging to understand, yet when he was told that his cancer was terminal he reached out to me and asked for help.


I recorded this meditation which I am now sharing with you for him, he listened to it daily and found that it gave him the much needed strength to continue his fight, it helped him to find an inner peace and also energised him too.  This, together with weekly Reiki healing sessions, kept him more mentally alert, more balanced and calm.


In his memory I now share this meditation with you, please do share it with anyone whom you feel would benefit from a gentle healing experience.  With my love, Caroline

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