Angel Therapy

Reiki is a fantastic tool for Mums, by simply consciously connecting with the positive healing energy at any time we can empower ourselves to stay calm, refocus and observe situations from a much clearer balanced space.

Not only this, the Reiki energy can help us to de-stress, unwind and relax.  It helps us to balance our hormones and is a fantastic tool for helping with PMS, IBS, relieve anxieties, ease worries and boost our immune system.

Reiki increases our trust in our instincts, our intuition and strengthens our bond with our children, partner and family.

By receiving a Reiki attunement we can give Reiki healing to ourselves and our loved ones.  This means that we can use the energy to bring comfort and relief to our children, from giving bumps and bruises energy to heal quicker, to helping children to sleep, relieving anxieties and worries they may have and helping them with self esteem, gain confidence and as we allow ourselves to be and be happier with who we are, our children will become happier too.

The wonderful energy of Reiki can have such a positive impact on the whole family unit and help bring us all together.


Tuesday 18 July 2017 from 10am – 1pm 

Held in Rainham, Kent.

This is a wonderful opportunity to experience the Reiki healing energy and enjoy a few hours of ‘me’ time.

The Reiki Mums Healing Workshop will include meditations, time to offload, lots of lovely Reiki healing energy and even an opportunity to explore your own healing abilities.

This workshop is a fantastic taster in how the Reiki energy can help you to stay calm and centred with the every day stresses of life.

Great for school mums who might need to boost your energy in preparation for the summer school holidays.

To book please email a non-refundable deposit of £25 is required to confirm your place.

Reiki Mums Courses for Mums with children of any age (even if they’re all grown up and Mums or Dads themselves)

Caroline will be running Reiki Mums courses from September 2017 in Rainham, Kent.

These courses are suitable for any mum who would like to join regardless of the age of your child or children (please just mums, no kids).

There will be a limit of 6 spaces on each course and a closed Facebook group will be set up for each course so that you’re able to connect with Caroline and each other during the week for ongoing support.

The first session will include a Reiki One attunement together with a manual, certificate and some basic guidance on how to use the energy.  The following sessions will allow time for you to explore the healing energy, how it can help you, your children, your partner and the family unit as a whole, as well as some time to receive healing too.


Dates will be available soon.


Here is my Stress Buster meditation for you to close your eyes and listen to. Helping you to recharge, balance, energise and focus.

The Conscious Love Experience

Hey there,

I am delighted to be sharing with you this fabulous guided meditation.  I recorded it some years ago and I have found recently, whilst working with clients, that it is still a super tool in self love, acceptance and letting go of relationships that have been causing trauma in our lives.

I really hope you enjoy this meditation and welcome your feedback.

With love, Caroline

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Healing Meditation

It has been over 2 years now since my Dad passed away.  He was not a spiritual man and although he always supported me in everything that I do he found much of the energy work challenging to understand, yet when he was told that his cancer was terminal he reached out to me and asked for help.


I recorded this meditation which I am now sharing with you for him, he listened to it daily and found that it gave him the much needed strength to continue his fight, it helped him to find an inner peace and also energised him too.  This, together with weekly Reiki healing sessions, kept him more mentally alert, more balanced and calm.


In his memory I now share this meditation with you, please do share it with anyone whom you feel would benefit from a gentle healing experience.  With my love, Caroline

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