Angel Therapy


Combining her various energy modalities and wealth of experience, Caroline has created these transformational ‘Soul Healing Sessions’.


In these sessions Caroline accesses your family ancestry, your karmic patterning, stellar lineage and all that is held in your akashic record in order to release and clear old contracts, vows, promises and indoctrinations that hold you in a space of disharmony.


Taking the energy to a deeper level of consciousness to clear illusions and help you to access your creator energy.  With powerful affirmations to bring abundance in areas of your life that have previously felt restricted, limited or lacking.


Each session lasts approximately 90 minutes and are blended with her life coaching skills to identify where you are feeling resistance, disharmony and lack of trust in the self.


Caroline is currently offering these treatments at an introductory fee of £95.


These are powerful, transformational experiences that can be life altering.  For more information or to book your appointment please contact


The Conscious Love Experience

Hey there,

I am delighted to be sharing with you this fabulous guided meditation.  I recorded it some years ago and I have found recently, whilst working with clients, that it is still a super tool in self love, acceptance and letting go of relationships that have been causing trauma in our lives.

I really hope you enjoy this meditation and welcome your feedback.

With love, Caroline

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Healing Meditation

It has been over 2 years now since my Dad passed away.  He was not a spiritual man and although he always supported me in everything that I do he found much of the energy work challenging to understand, yet when he was told that his cancer was terminal he reached out to me and asked for help.


I recorded this meditation which I am now sharing with you for him, he listened to it daily and found that it gave him the much needed strength to continue his fight, it helped him to find an inner peace and also energised him too.  This, together with weekly Reiki healing sessions, kept him more mentally alert, more balanced and calm.


In his memory I now share this meditation with you, please do share it with anyone whom you feel would benefit from a gentle healing experience.  With my love, Caroline

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